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Powder Printer Studio Kit - Early Bird (Ships in April)

Powder Printer Studio Kit - Early Bird (Ships in April)

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The Powder Printer™: Precision Stencil System for Fused Glass Art

Elevate your fused glass creations with The Powder Printer™, the ultimate stencil system designed exclusively for fused glass artists. Dare to dream bigger and push the boundaries of your creativity; The Powder Printer empowers you to achieve intricate, awe-inspiring multi-color designs with precision and ease, allowing you to make beautiful, fused glass projects that were previously impossible for most artists.  

Key Features:

  • Stabilizing Stencil Alignment Bar: Achieve flawless positioning every time with our built-in stabilizer bar. Swiftly place and remove stencils without disturbing your delicate powder designs, ensuring your work remains intact – even if you have shaky hands!

  • Heavy-Duty Transparent Stencils: Our thick (1 mm), transparent stencils are six times thicker than common cardstock and acetate stencils. You’ll enjoy deeper powder deposits for richer colors and no more “oops” moments when powder falls off drooping stencils.

  • Multi-Color Registration: With our trademarked “double-peak” registration system, layering multiple stencils for complex, multi-colored patterns has never been easier or more precise.

  • Expansive Design Library: Unleash your imagination with our ever-expanding collection of stencil designs, tailored exclusively for fused glass artists. From intricate backgrounds to nature motifs and from whimsical objects to awe-inspiring mandalas, find the perfect designs to express your artistic voice.

Product Description:

Uncover the potential of glass with The Powder Printer's stencil system, a revolutionary tool that merges innovation with artistry. Whether creating delicate shades or vibrant explosions of color, our stencil system lays the groundwork for masterpieces. The 1 mm thickness of our transparent plastic stencils ensures they sit flat on your kiln shelf, preventing powder from seeping beneath and keeping your lines sharp and your colors true.

Our unique alignment bar and registration marks guarantee perfect alignment for complex multi-layered designs, offering you the confidence to experiment and expand your artistic repertoire. With The Powder Printer, creating powder wafers is not just an art; it's a breeze.

Bid farewell to the frustration of bent, drooping stencils and wasted materials. Our system's rigidity and multi-stencil workflow reduce waste and frustration, allowing you to focus on the joy of creation. And with a vast library of designs at your fingertips, your fused glass artwork will only be limited by your imagination.

Be among the first to own and experience the system that will soon be in every glass fusing artist and enthusiasts tool box.

Pre-Order your Powder Printer Studio Kit with the Powder Printer Station, a starter pack of seven stencils (choose from three options), and three six inch (150 mm) mini-shelves – a $140 value when purchased separately - for a special pre-launch price of only $99!

The Powder Printer is hand-assembled and is expected to ship in April. Place your order now to save money and get your Powder Printer as quickly as possible!

Still have questions? Check out the Powder Printer Frequently Asked Questions.

(Please note that the final product may have minor changes from what is displayed on this page.)

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