The Powder Printer - Common Questions


What if I want a design you don't have?

Make a suggestion by emailing us at! We are always looking for new design ideas.


Can I make my own stencils?

The Powder Printer is designed to work with thick, rigid plastic stencils that are not easily cut by hand or with a craft cutting machine (like the Silhouette and Cricut). We cut all stencils using a powerful laser cutter.  Additionally, stencils are designed (often in non-obvious ways) and individually tested to work well with glass powders. To ensure quality results, we do not offer support for user-cut stencils.

What if I want larger images?

Often, multiple stencil parts can be combined to create a bigger "scene." Additionally, we expect to release a different solution for larger stencils in the near future.

Does this work with traditional stencils?

You can use traditional stencils but you won't get the two most important benefits of The Powder Printer: deeper powder deposits thanks to the thick stencils and multi-color registration.

How does this compare to using a silk screen to print powders?

Silk screens do not provide automatic layer registration and they do not enable the thick powder deposits and richer colors, two of the chief benefits of The Powder Printer.