User Instructions: Cleaning & Refining

Cleaning and Refining Powder Wafers

In most cases, you need only rinse your powder wafers under running water to clean them. A soft toothbrush can also be used.

Powder wafers will typically have small bits of extra powder along the edges.

Powder wafer edge

There are several ways to smooth out a wafer’s edge when required.

Small diamond files, lightly applied without any water, will usually make quick work of removing any rough edges. Make sure to hold the wafer close to the point at which you are filing to reduce the chance of breakage.

How to hold a powder wafer before cleaning

Tweezers are also effective. To use them for removing edge bits like those shown, grip the bit you want to remove with the tweezers and squeeze the tweezers tightly closed. This will usually crumble the extra wafer and it will fall away. Do NOT try and twist off the extra bits. Force from twisting can transfer to the parts of the wafer you want to keep and break them. Always wear safety glasses while performing the above steps.

A third way to clean up wafer shapes is using a very light touch with a glass grinder or diamond tile saw. Make some test wafers to get a feel for this process. Although it would seem as if those machines would instantly break the wafers, when used gently, they are excellent wafer shaping tools.

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