User Instructions: Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Here are some things to keep in mind while enjoying your Powder Printer:

  • Opalescent and dark transparent glass powder colors work best.
  • Powder reactions tend to be more intense (darker) than sheet glass reactions and all reactions darken with repeated firings. A reaction effect that looks beautiful at the wafer stage may end up being too dark when the project is completed.
  • Practice sifting powder. So long as your work area is clean, you can reclaim powder that has been used for practice so long as it was sifted onto sheet glass or paper. Do not take powder from a kiln shelf and return it to the powder jar as it is likely to be contaminated with shelf primer.
  • Play with stacking stencils. For example, placing a leopard print pattern stencil over a heart stencil can produce a leopard print heart. To do this, place both stencils on the shelf, with the heart stencil on the bottom. Sift your first color, creating the leopard print. Remove the leopard print stencil and sift over the heart, creating a cohesive heart wafer.


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