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Get ready to start enjoying a whole new way of making beautiful fused glass art with The Powder Printer from the Fusing Factory.

The Powder Printer is a stencil system designed specifically for fused glass artists. It allows for precise, multicolor powder sifting onto a kiln-washed shelf to create powder wafer design components that can be used in all types and sizes of fused glass projects. A powder wafer is a thin piece of glass, with the consistency of potato chip, created from lightly fused glass powder.

Powder wafers offer several advantages over stenciling powder directly onto glass or working exclusively with sheet glass:

  • Unlike most techniques for adding precise imagery to fused glass, powder wafers are repositionable. Stenciling powder or screen printing onto glass requires the design element be created in its final location. Powder wafers are made independently of the final project so the artist can move them around on the base glass to experiment with different compositions.
  • Powder wafers allow you to create multiple versions of the design element, cost very little to make, and allow you to review them before deciding on the best version to use in your final project.
  • There is far less investment and overhead compared to screen printing on glass.
  • A wafer can be refined before use.

While the basic use of The Powder Printer is easy, for most artists achieving optimal results creating powder wafers takes a bit of practice learning how different colors and thicknesses of powder behave.

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