User Instructions: Powders

A Quick Intro to Glass Powders

Glass powder is simply sheet glass that has been finely crushed. When fired, powder settles to about half the height it is when sifted and before firing. This means that a half millimeter of powder will end up as one one-quarter millimeter of fired glass. One challenge of working with powders is that the color in glass this thin can be very pale – or even disappear – much like the way a balloon will become transparent when over-inflated. With material that is so thin, there isn’t much “pigment” to show up.

The Powder Printer helps overcome this because the thick stencils allow for thicker powder application and the double-peak aligner reduces the chances of disturbing the sifted powder when lifting the stencil.

Still, you will want to pay close attention to which colors you use and how you layer and combine them. When starting out, you may want to lean towards lighter colors going down first. Powder wafers are made face-down so the first color down will be the top color on the design.

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