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Art of Fusing without a Sandblaster

Art of Fusing without a Sandblaster

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Fix devit, 'etch' irid, make matte finishes -without a sandblaster.

How do you fix devitrification? How do you fuse glass so that it has a matte finish? How do you selectively remove an iridized surface to make a design? Ask any of these questions in an online forum and you will get the same answer: “You need a sandblaster!” That might have been true in the past but not anymore!

In “The Art of Fusing without a Sandblaster” you’ll learn to do the things above as well as how to prepare “found” objects like ceramic dishes and steel mixing bowls for use as molds, how to clean shelf primer off of glass, how to create an frosted etched look on glass, and more - all without a sandblaster!

This one of a kind studio resource contains over 90 pages of clear and comprehensive step-by-step instructions for doing just about everything you would use a sandblaster for but without one. Several projects, firing schedules in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, project patterns, and over 200 images and illustrations will have you doing almost all the things you always believed you couldn’t do without a sandblaster!

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