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Beyond Frit Stretching

Beyond Frit Stretching

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Turn your glass inside out and watch the magic!

Frit Stretching started with a project from the Waste Not! IV ebook before it was included in the free eBook Sampler in 2021. If you’ve spent any time in social media glass forums since then, you saw what happened next. Suddenly everyone was having a blast making Frit Stretches!

In this massive update on the original technique you’ll explore not only new ways to stretch frit but also how to create stunning objects by stretching different glass including streakies, confetti, stringers, and more. Some of these techniques produce such wild results that even experienced glass fusers will be mystified at how you made the magic happen.

This technique update eliminates the 'pizza slice' gaps and donut holes from the orginal method and includes details for making the projects in different sizes.

With over 60 pages of clear, step-by-step instructions, more than 200 photos and diagrams, and THIRTEEN complete projects, the education you'll get from this book is more valuable than many classes costing ten times the price. Most projects in this book require little or no equipment other than basic glass hand tools and a kiln. The book includes schedules that work with both Bullseye and System 96 glass. Both setup and firing information for project sizes from 8 to 14 inches (20 to 36 cm) are included. The information is suitable for all levels of experience.

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