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Easy Fused Glass Ornaments

Easy Fused Glass Ornaments

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This book is loaded with different, easy to make ornaments that require little or no coldworking, no complicated cutting, and only a single firing! Maybe you are looking to make some stocking-stuffers, add quick extra inventory for your craft shows, or you'd like something better than a ribbon to pretty-up the gifts this year. No worries – this book has you covered!

In “Easy Fused Glass Ornaments” there are ELEVEN different projects to help you get into the holiday spirit. From the snowflake ornament that glows like a purple opal to three different mini-wreath ornaments to the sweetest little Christmas tree you’ll ever see and more, this book is packed with ideas that will keep your kiln warm right up until Santa comes down your chimney!

This book includes all the steps, schedules, patterns, colors, and details for every project. There’s even an entire chapter on hanging small pieces of glass, including how to fire a wire loop into a project that is only a single sheet thick! This book includes almost 200 color photos and illustrations and firing schedules (Fahrenheit and Celsius) designed to work with all popular types of fusible glass. Download today and start making holiday cheer right away!

85 Page eBook  191 Images

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