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Freeze and Fuse

Freeze and Fuse

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Make dimensional work without the mess or hassle of casting.

Freeze and Fuse is perhaps the most magical of fusing techniques, allowing the artist to easily create small fully dimensional glass objects without any of the difficulty, mess, or supplies required for traditional casting. By freezing wet powder and firing it just the right way, everything from paperweights to sewing buttons to jewelry and large project adornments are all easier to achieve than most fusers ever thought possible.

Freeze and Fuse: A Fused Glass Master Class contains over 80 pages of clear and comprehensive step-by-step instructions for 14 projects, over 340 color photos and illustrations, all necessary firing schedules in Fahrenheit and Celsius, as well plenty of “why that works”” explanations to change you from a glass cook into a fusing chef!

81 Page eBook  348 Images

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