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Fused Glass Answers

Fused Glass Answers

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Over twenty years of fusing experience in one a handy book!

Have your ever noticed, when it comes to fused glass, that some people seem to have all the answers? Now that someone can be you!

Based on decades of experience of fusing and teaching — and firing almost 100,000 square feet of kiln shelves loaded with other people’s projects — this ebook is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. It includes over 90 questions and answers about all aspects of fusing glass organized in categories covering glass cutting, firing, surfaces and coldworking, kilns and molds, and much more!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to setup a sandblasting system? Do you know how to assemble pieces of glass so that there are no visible seams? Do you know when it is okay to slump with your glass hanging past the edge of the mold? Would you like to know all about drilling into glass? Even better, would you like to know how to put holes in glass without drilling at all? All of this, and more is included!

Best of all, this book gives you the most valuable thing in the world — time! That’s because instead of posting and searching online for answers, you’ll already have them right at your fingertips. Even more importantly, you’ll know that the answers are correct.

But knowledge is only good when it improves and grows. That’s why the small cost of this book includes all future updates as existing answers are improved and new questions are added. Loaded with over 200 pages of clear writing, helpful photos and illustrations, a detailed table of contents, and useful cross references, this is the book you’ll soon be turning to first when your fusing adventures leave you needing to know more!

217 Page eBook  199 Images

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