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Kiln Carving

Kiln Carving

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Beginner through advanced techniques for beautiful relief.

Few techniques have been around as long as kiln carving, where fusing artists cut pieces of fiber paper and use the heat of a kiln to emboss the designs into the glass. Despite how long kiln carving has been around, few artists use the technique to its full potential. This ebook master class seeks to change that.

You'll learn seven different kiln carving techiques that will allow you to create images and patterns with as much or as little detail as you want. You'll also learn how to add color to kiln carvings as you make beautiful and orginal glass artwork.

The material in this ebook is suitable for all levels of experience. Clear step-by-step descriptions, color photographs, and necessary firing schedules will guide you as you learn.

72 Page eBook  230 Images

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