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Making & Using Texture and Relief Molds

Making & Using Texture and Relief Molds

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Make reusable clay texture & relief molds using your glass kiln.

Firing glass onto ceramic texture and relief molds is a fun and productive way to make stunning dimensional fused glass projects. Using ready-made molds, though, dramatically limits creativity and leaves you with artwork that looks like everyone else’s.

This book shows how to make your own original molds from readily available clay, objects and tools you already have, and your existing glass kiln! No sculpting or drawing skill is required to produce jaw-dropping and original artwork. Molds, once made, can be used again and again, making this an ideal method for craft show and production work.

With over 50 pages of clear, step-by-step instructions and more than 155 photos and diagrams, the education you'll get from this book is more valuable than many classes costing ten times the price. The book includes everything you need to know to make your own molds, valuable information on how to achieve many effects by using different kinds of glass, and all firing schedules (Bullseye and System 96). The information is suitable for all levels of experience.

54 Page eBook  159 Images

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