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Waste Not! 1

Waste Not! 1

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Learn to use every bit of glass to make beautiful projects.

One of the great promises of fused glass is that because we can melt small bits of glass into bigger pieces no glass is ever wasted. It is a wonderful idea that often doesn’t end up being true. The scrap bins just keep filling up.

This ebook changes all that.

This clearly written ebook contains over 120 full-color images and illustrations and includes step-by-step instruction on five different techniques for using scrap glass (and only scrap glass!) to create beautiful, full-sized, and complete projects. And, as with all our projects, all firing schedules (for both 90 and 96 COE glass) are included with the instructions. This ebook introduces a complete set of metric firing schedules as well.

37 Page eBook  122 Images

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