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Fused Glass Bubble Sorcery

Fused Glass Bubble Sorcery

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Many fused glass artists go to great effort to prevent bubbles in their work. That's a shame because few design elements take advantage of glass transparancy, depth, and sparkle the way that bubbles can. The trick is controlling where and how the bubbles appear and that's exactly what this book will teach you!

You'll learn a broad variety of techniques for controlling not only the size and position of bubbles but even the color of bubbles in your projects. Every thing you need to know for creating single bubbles, fields of bubbles, metalic bubbles and more are covered in multiple complete project tutorials.

The material in this ebook is suitable for all levels of experience. Clear step-by-step descriptions, color photographs, and necessary schedules will guide you as you learn.

71 Page eBook  235 Images

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