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Fused Glass Mesh & Trough Melts

Fused Glass Mesh & Trough Melts

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Our methods for dynamically melting glass into mesmerizing fused swirls of color will have you creating fantastic new work in no time! Much more creative than traditional 'pot melts' and vastly improved over common 'screen melts', these methods are explained with step-by-step instructions and dozens of full-color photos.

Owners of small kilns (that are too shallow for pot melt setups) can take advantage of all the techniques taught in this book. Fused glass artists and enthusiasts who have been frustrated by the unavoidable black flakes that most wire products drop into the glass with screen melts will love our original mesh melt technique that never contaminates the glass!

In addition to detailed instructions for both mesh and trough melts, this 34 page ebook includes step-by-step instructions and photos for three different projects. You'll learn how to fix devitrification without a sandblaster or spray-on overglaze, add crisp pin-stripe edges to any project, and make glass inserts for belt buckle, jewelry, and other available hardware without any difficult coldworking (grinding and polishing).

34 Page eBook  75 Images

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