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Fused Glass Tricks with Transparency

Fused Glass Tricks with Transparency

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Learn fantastic techniques for magic with transparency.

Get ready to make some fantastic fused glass projects with the step-by-step instructions in Fused Glass Tricks with Transparency.

Much of what makes glass art so wonderful is the vibrant colors and transparency of the material. The lessons and projects in this virtual workshop will help you master the possibilities of glass layering, color dilution and much more. You'll learn new techniques step by step as you create beautiful and unique fused glass projects - all while learning the concepts behind the techniques so you can continue to invent and discover new methods when working with glass color transparency.

This clearly written ebook contains almost 100 full-color images and illustrations and covers over a dozen projects and project variations. And, as with all our projects, all firing schedules are included with the instructions.

30 Page eBook  97 Images

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