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Lace & Yarn

Lace & Yarn

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Make delicate lace, open weaves, and yarn from glass powder.

Fabric and glass are so vastly different. Textiles tend to be soft and warm. Glass (outside the kiln) is hard and usually cool. Textiles are flexible. Glass is rigid and brittle. Despite the differences, artists who work with one often tend to be inspired by those working with the other. This book embraces that dynamic.

Working with powder and sheet glass, the techniques in this book explore how to create fused glass that emulates two popular textiles: lace and yarn. Several projects have bold, open, and regular patterns of holes. One method creates a delicate and organic mesh. Another mimics the look of rainbow yarn draped across a plate. More important than the specific techniques, the book explains in detail how the magic happens so that you’ll not only make some wonderful work, you’ll likely add much to your understanding of glass behavior.

With over 80 pages of clear, step-by-step instructions and more than 300 photos and diagrams, and NINE complete projects, the education you will get from this book is more valuable than many classes costing ten times the price. The book includes all firing schedules (designed to work with both Bullseye and System 96) in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The information is suitable for all levels of experience.

91 Page eBook  395 Images

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