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Powder Wafer Design Elements for Fused Glass

Powder Wafer Design Elements for Fused Glass

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Endless images, shapes, and more!

Everyone wants to put pictures, logos, and text into their fused glass but cut sheet glass doesn’t work for detailed images and shapes. Sometimes you can use frit, but that almost always looks messy. Now it’s all possible (and easy!) with fused glass powder wafers!

In “Powder Wafer Design Elements for Fused Glass” you’ll learn to use stencils and glass powder to make flowers, butterflies, owls, realistic leaves, words, and more! Even better, the techniques you learn can be used for countless other images, shapes, and motifs.

This book includes never-before-published powder wafer tips and tricks and over 80 pages of clear and comprehensive step-by-step instructions for seven complete projects. It also contains, firing schedules in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, project patterns, and over 200 images and illustrations. Download today and start making fantastic fused glass right away!

81 Page eBook  203 Images

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