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Stack Melts

Stack Melts

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Stack them high, heat them up, and watch them melt.

Sometimes you discover a new way of working with glass that is so radically different and the results are so unexpectedly wonderful that you lie awake at night thinking about what to try next. This book is about just that kind of thing.

Working with stacks of small square pieces of glass, each topped with a single design layer, you will create beautiful work by harnessing the magic of glass as it flows and stretches. You’ll see a few rods and spoonfuls of frit become Saturn. A small frit heart, made quickly with a cookie cutter for a stencil, becomes a big impressionistic painting. Tiny Dremel holes become pink moon craters. An couple ounces of scrap green glass becomes a large bowl that looks like a portal into the jungle. With each new piece, a dozen new possibilities will swim around your head.

With over 60 pages of clear, step-by-step instructions and more than 150 photos and diagrams, and TEN complete projects, the education you'll get from this book is more valuable than many classes costing ten times the price. Most projects require little or no equipment other than basic glass hand tools and a kiln. The book includes and all firing schedules (Bullseye and System 96). The information is suitable for all levels of experience.

63 Page eBook  161 Images

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