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Waste Not! 2

Waste Not! 2

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Turn your smallest bits and scraps into beautiful projects.

When we published the first Waste Not! book, we had no idea how insanely popular it would be. In fact, it is still our top-selling title! But it seems even all the cool techniques in that book aren't enough to use up all the scrap fused glass artists create. That's why we developed this book, Waste Not! 2: More fused glass techniques using scrap glass

This version will teach you 5 entirely new ways to use not only the smallest bits of scrap glass, but one technique even shows you how to turn leftover bits and trimmings from other projects into beautiful, new fused objects. In fact, the techniques produce such stunning work that you might be tempted to start chopping up the 'good' glass.

The material in this ebook is suitable for all levels of experience. Clear step-by-step descriptions, color photographs, and necessary firing schedules will guide you as you learn.

58 Page eBook  202 Images

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